The unique Solo Rescue® system features a rotating basket that enables the water jets to reach and decontaminate even tight and sometimes hard to reach spaces, such as between the back plate and the cylinders.

How do you decontaminate equipment after an emergency call?

Using a Solo Rescue® heavy duty washing machine helps avoid exposing the crew to combustion gases, soot particles and toxins  released in the maintenance process and also substantially lowers the time spent decontaminating firefighter equipment.  Read more ››

“Everything is clean! We have safe and clean equipment decontaminated in just  a few minutes.”

Several studies have shown that firefighters have a greater risk of developing cancer and suffer other health issues, than other occupations.



Reduced health risks

Self-contained washing process and minimal contact time with hazardous substances and particles.


Sparar tid

Saves time

 Half an hour by hand - less than 8 minutes with Solo Rescue®. Clean equipment up to 10 times faster!


Enkel att använda

Easy to use

Load the equipment and choose one of two wash programs.