GRANULDISK® - we put customers first

GRANULDISK is a market leader and the pioneer in the Granule Optimised Washing Technology™ in the professional kitchen industry. We develop, manufacture and market Granule potwashers since 30 years but are also active in the customized industrial applications sector.

GRANULDISK offers the best solution in industrial kitchens – 30 years of research and deveolpment, always with our customers’ needs and demands in focus.

The GRANULDISK solution;

Decontamination at minimal risk for the rescue service

  • Clean pots & pans for professional kitchens
  • Cost reductions
  • Time savings
  • Security
  • Ergonomy

GRANULDISK head office, production and R&D are based in Malmö, Sweden. GRANULDISK has a global network of sales and service partners.


CO2 Neutral Manufacturing

GRANULDISK compensates CO2 emissions from the production and distribution processes to help fight climate change.