Solo Rescue® - eco-smart heavy-duty decontamination.
“The equipment is clean and free from contamination in just a few minutes”

Eliminate all manual heavy duty washing

Cleaning contaminated equipment is the last thing you want to be doing, as you return from an emergency call...
Let Solo Rescue® do the job!


Without Solo Rescue® 2 breathing apparatuses per hour

  With Solo Rescue®  20 breathing apparatuses per hour



Why expose yourself to combustion gases, soot particles and toxins when there’s no need?

Solo Rescue® heavy duty washing machines cleans gloves, helmets, breathing apparatus (mask+cylinders) in a few minutes. The washing is carried out  in a self-contained process, which minimizes contact time and health risks for the user.

Choose between 2 wash programs:

  • gloves, helmets & boots - ca 2 min
  • breathing apparatuses (mask & cylinder) - ca 5 min

Developed in accordance with the Swedish Rescue Service’s guidelines for handling contaminated equipment

The customized interior and wash cabin makes Solo Rescue® heavy duty washers the natural choice for handling and decontamination of fire rescue breathing apparatuses, gloves, helmets and boots.

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